Knowing the difference between a Megabit (Mb) and a Megabyte (MB) is very important when it comes to choosing your Internet speed. Internet service providers advertise their speeds as Megabit (Mb) or in some cases Meg, which is completely different to Megabyte (MB).

A bit is a binary digit, a really small unit of computerized data. One bit is smaller than a single character in an email. If you want to convert Megabits to Megabytes you divide the number by 8, and vice versa.

Internet companies are the only places that generally use Megabits in the IT world. Let’s say one ISP can deliver 2Mbps (Megabits) and another can deliver 2MBps (Megabytes). Using the formula above we can see that the second ISP is delivering 16Mbps (Megabits), Eight times that of the first. 

The table below shows a few examples where the conversions have already been done.

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